Colorful Life

Nikkei National geographic. 2020
(in Japanese) 128pp, 200mm×225mm Softcover, ISBN: 978-4863135024

Masashi Mitsui travels to small villages on his motorbike and takes photographs of the people who work there while interacting with them.
In India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and other countries, he met people who live their lives with smiles. The photographs are filled with vivid colors.
This is a photo book by the photographer who won the Nikkei National Geographic Photo Prize Grand Prix.

The Aura of Working Men 3

Raichosha, Inc. 2019
(in Japanese) 192pp, 188mm×148mm Softcover, ISBN: 978-4844137603

This book is a travelogue written about India and about his photography.
The intense stories experienced by the author, who travels five months out of the year, are fascinating.

The Aura of Working Men 2

Raichosha, Inc. 2017
(in Japanese) 160pp, 148mm×188mm Softcover, ISBN: 978-4844137337

This is a photo book on the theme of labor. It captures men working hard and sweating in harsh conditions.
You will find beauty and hope in these photos.

The Aura of Working Men

Raichosha, Inc. 2015
(in Japanese) 160pp, 148mm×188mm Softcover, ISBN: 978-4844136910

This is a photo book of men living in Asian countries.
The book is full of fascinating images of these vital workers.

Photographing someone is a bit like falling in love with the person

Raichosha, Inc. 2014
(in Japanese) 128pp, 188mm×148mm Hardcover, ISBN: 978-4844137603

This is a photo book of smiling faces of over 100 people from all over the world.
Despite the differences in religions, cultures and languages, the impression you get from their smiles is very similar.
Smiles have the power to move us strongly.